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Baby Elle Cozy Stroller

Kategori : Stroller & Baby Equipment
Brand: Elle Baby
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A baby travel system is a pre-packaged set that includes a baby stroller and an infant car seat. The infant car seat has a handle that allows it to be used as an infant carrier. The car seat / carrier can be seat-belted into a vehicle for travel, making it easier for the parent to move baby from car to destination all while strapped into the same carrier. The travel system is particularly handy for sleeping infants, since it eliminates the need to actually remove the sleeping baby from the car seat. The car seat / carrier also snaps onto the travel system stroller frame for added convenience.


  • Super Light Weight (6kg)
  • Multi-position Recline Seat Back (sleep to sit position)
  • 5 Points Safety Harness
  • All Wheels with Suspension
  • Front Wheels Swivel easy to Maneuver
  • Link Brake System
  • Quick Release Wheel System
  • Extra large Basket
  • Removable Bar
  • Foldable Canopy

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