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ELC - Percussion Baby Mat

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Brand: ELC
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A great way to introduce your little one to making their own music, the Baby Percussion Mat rewards movement with sounds.

With three different modes of play, your little one can pat at the keys (or kick or even stomp as they begin to stand) to make the musical notes sound- they can hear a drum, piano and more as they experiment with the mat. The playmat comes with a removable cushion, making it perfect for tummy time play.

Quick facts:

-Keyboard mat with 10 keys and 3 modes of play
-Hit the notes to hear different instruments and music
-Includes removable tummy cushion
-Great for physical development, hand-to-eye coordination and listening skills
-Colours may vary

Great for your child's development:

Playing with the Baby Percussion Mat helps boost both gross and fine motor skills as your little one moves around to trigger the fun noises. Helping to strengthen little arms and legs as they play, the mat stimulates the senses while encouraging your baby to listen while they play.

ELC star quality:

We love the Baby Percussion Mat because it has different musical instrument sounds to discover, and the cushion makes tummy time play comfortable for your little one. They can also sit and kick at the mat with their feet to hear sounds, which could also encourage them to take their first few steps across the keyboard.

What you need to know:

-Suitable from 6 months
-Requires 4 x AAA batteries

Playing tips:

Hands-on play- Lie on the mat, enjoy tummy time, press the keys, tap with your feet. Playing on the mat introduces your baby to how fun making music can be.

Grow and move- Crawl on the mat, sit and play and toddle up and down when you can. Making music helps encourage your baby to reach, play and move more as they grow.

Great for:

-Patting with hands
-Crawling and sliding across
-Toddling and walking across

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